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EDC Partners, Inc.

Our company is dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and cost effective benefits that conform to their individual lifestyle and organizational objectives...

  • Our service guarantees excellence for businesses and families

  • We bring you easy solutions

  • We offer an expertise you can trust

  • We bring 40+ years of experience

  • We offer employer and direct consumer consulting


"I have known Steve Danielsen for over 30 years. As a neighbor, client and

Professional whose services I have used and also have referred to my

friends and clients. I can highly recommend Steve for his Character, Professionalism, experience and knowledge in regards to his work in these turbulent and difficult times regarding medical insurance.

I will be happy to speak with anyone personally with any questions

regarding Steve Danielsen and his services with EDC."

Robert (Rob) Robinson

Financial Advisor, CMFC

Symphonic Financial Advisors

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Our Expertise

"We have worked with Steve for several years.  He has always worked hard to get us the best fit for our organization.  Steve is a quality guy and someone you can trust.  I would recommend him to anyone considering his services."

Scott Greger

Seritas LLC

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