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Our Services

EDC Partners provides consultation and market analysis on the following product lines. Our objective is provide our clients with the most comprehensive and cost effective benefits available. In addition we keep our clients informed and updated on marketplace issues and changes that affect their lives and coverage decisions. We represent all major health and life carriers.
Contact us for consultation on the following services:
Individual Health and
Life Products

We represent all major insurance carriers and are committed to providing our clients and their families with the correct products and coverage to ensure protection for heath care necessities and financial planning. 

Part D Consulting

We assist our Medicare eligible clients with locating the most cost effective prescription coverage to meet their individual needs. 

Group Dental

We represent Delta Dental of MO, Delta Dental of KS, Humana Group Dental and Blue Cross. 

Marketplace Products
(Affordable Care Act)

Many of clients are eligible for savings through tax credits or subsidies, EDC Partners will assist with evaluation, enrollment and navigation through the Affordable Care Marketplace. 

Group Health and 
Life Products
Medicare Supplements

We represent group clients starting with two employees and up to 500 employees. We assist our clients with Affordable Health Care regulations and compliance. In addition we offer our clients a variety of health care products such as Health Savings Accounts, health Reimbursement Accounts, Fully Insured and Self Insured benefits. We provide enrollments seminars for your employees and will be your liaison for service and claim resolution. We are committed to providing our group clients with service excellence and responsive communication throughout benefit year. 

We provide our Medicare eligible clients with comprehensive and affordable supplemental insurance to assist and protect against expenses not covered under Medicare Part A & B.

Individual Dental

We represent Delta Dental Plan, Blue Cross and Humana individual voluntary products.

Medicare Advantage

We exclusively work with Humana Health Care to provide our clients with low cost alternates to Medicare Part A & B without sacrificing coverage benefits or network accessibility.

Individual and Group
125 Plans
(Cafeteria Products)

Many of our group clients and their employees benefit from pre-tax savings through products that allow pre-tax payroll deduction which may be utilizes for health care expenses not covered under a sponsored health plan or ancillary benefit.

We represent Vision Service Plan (VSP) for individual and group benefits.

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